Beam Collection



The earliest sinks were known as 'dry sinks'—washbasins or deep bowls that were manually filled with water. In this way, the sink and the bowl are fundamentally related. Though advances in modern plumbing made sinks more complex, forming an altogether different archetype, bowls have largely remained the same: vessels for nourishment that are pleasant to hold.

The Beam washbasin takes after these early foundations of the category. The gentle curvature of the sink is modeled after a prototypical bowl, with interior platforms providing space for soap bars or bath accessories—forming a functional and empathetic design language.

This way of thinking is extended to a simple open storage console. Formally modeled after the steel I-beam, the supporting unit is derived from the structure and organization that standard building components impose. Its dimensions are a product of practicality: the height is determined by the height of two rolls of bath tissue, and the width accommodates the sink while offering generous space for everyday necessities.

Winner of a 2021 Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award.

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Guerra.

Project Team:
Chris Crowley
Evan Dempsey
Project Assistant:
Elie Fazel

Delfino Sisto Legnani