Kyuzo Collection



Kyuzo is a collection of desk and home accessories, driven by materiality and designed to provide divisions of space through subtle hierarchies. Named after the eponymous character from Akira Kurosawa's 1954 epic Seven Samurai, the collection is by no coincidence comprised of seven objects.

The project is a meditation on formal purity and composition. The works within the suite are each made from a range of specific materials coupled with equally considered production methods; including cast iron, aluminum, wood, glass, and marble. While each component has its own strength, the grouping of objects is most balanced when viewed as a full set, with each piece playing on the sculptural language of the other.

Each object satisfies a specific function for the desk and the home. The collection includes a paperweight which allots a space for more important documents, a two tiered folio holder, bookends, a tray for pens and pencils, and a dish with a sectioned slope, available in three sizes. While each object has a designated primary use, all have been designed to be lived with in a variety of ways.

Designed in collaboration
with Joseph Guerra.