Shapes Bundle

Outdoor Voices


The Shapes Bundle developed as the result of a partnership with athletic apparel brand Outdoor Voices for the Wallpaper* Handmade project in 2015. The collaboration provided an opportunity to create a family of five objects intended for use both within and outside yoga practice. These fitness-related objects, commonly hidden away or relegated to a space apart from everyday living, bring warmth to a domain that can often come across as sterile. Included in the set was a resistance band, a wood yoga block, a triangular cork block, a wood roller, and a felt mat.

Initially shown in Milan, the project received positive interest and led Outdoor Voices to put the blocks into production. The results of this were the three central forms from the original Shapes Bundle, adapted for manufacture in cork and refined for everyday use.

The roller, block, and wedge can be used together or individually across different fields of exercise. While they reference typical fitness products, their elemental forms encourage the user to find new ways to stretch, bend, and play. Thanks to the nature of the materiality, the blocks are lightweight, easy to maneuver, impervious to sweat, anti-microbial, and slip resistant.

Exhibited as a part of Wallpaper* Handmade in Milan, 2015.

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Guerra.
Henrik Purienne
Outdoor Voices